Function of Beauty Review: Customized Shampoo and Conditioner

This is my review of my customized shampoo and conditioner set from Function of Beauty. I paid retail price for my set, and did not receive free product in exchange for a review.

First off, how cute is this packaging?! It arrived in a regular box with this little cutie inside. While I opened it I couldn’t help but think how luxurious it seemed, and I felt pretty special. I mean come on, a shampoo and conditioner set made just for me?! Amazing.

My formuala selections on the hair quiz

Shampoo color: purple
Conditioner color: purple
Fragrance/strength: grapefruit hibiscus/medium

Hair type: wavy
Hair structure: medium
Scalp moisture: dry
Hair goals: replenish hair, volumnize, curl definition, shine, & soothe scalp


Guys. GUYS. The shampoo is amazing!! I’ve tried a lot of shampoos over the years (a side effect of working at Ulta for 3+ years in college).  I have never loved a shampoo half as much as I love this one.

Some of things I love about my personalized set:

  • Works wonders on dry scalp.
  • My hair is so shiny!!
  • Volumnizes nicely.
  • Very moisturizing, but not heavy or greasy.
  • Detangles extremely well.
  • Helps prevent breakage; less loose hair around the house.
  • Sulfate/Paraben/Cruelty Free.
  • The perfect amount of lather; sulfate free shampoos generally lack a good lather.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Comes with pumps included for the bottles.
  • These bottles will last at least six months, but probably more.

The color is definitely a nice little detail, arbitrary, but I still think it’s pretty cool that I can choose the color of my hair care products (obviously, purple). What a time to be alive!!

The grapefruit hibiscus scent is to. die. for. Next time I will get the strong level of scent because I love it so much. It’s pretty cool that there are different scents to choose from, and even a non-scented option for those sensitive to fragrances. A very nice touch, considering, in my opinion, a bad scent can ruin an otherwise amazing shampoo.

Cons/ Misses

The curl definition didn’t really work out for me, but I truly think it is just my hair. I’ve never liked any product I’ve tried for curly hair. I guess my wavy hair wasn’t meant to be curly. I think it would work really well for someone with actually curly hair.


I loved my formula this time around, but I’m pretty sure would swap out curl definition with anti frizz next time. To be honest, I have no idea how I didn’t select anti frizz the first time around.

I absolutely recommend trying Function of Beauty for customized hair care. I love all the options that are available, and I have noticed a true difference in my hair. They have a great return policy too! If you don’t like your formula you can return it within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund or a new formula! Their official statement is below:

“We believe in your happiness and satisfaction above anything else. If you’re not completely satisfied with your set, we offer free refunds within the first 30 days.”

If you decide to order, use this code and we’ll both get $5 off: Referral Link!

I would rate this product/service a 10/10, and it is definitely worth the price.

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