Hello, world.

I’m Katie, a born and raised Midwesterner currently living in the Pacific Northwest with my husband/ best friend/ love of my life, Andy, and our three precious kitties: Cornelius, Cactus, & Crackers.

I’m a firm believer that there are two types of people in this world, those who love glitter and those who do not. Can you guess which type I am?

Let’s get crafty! I love trying new projects and bringing new life into old household items.

Some things that will likely make frequent appearances:

Home decor DIY
Seasonal DIY
Bridal DIY
Thrifting (tips, thrift scores, & DIY/revamps)
Life in the PNW (mostly hiking adventures and getting caught in the rain)
Lots and lots of glitter (OF COURSE I AM ON THE SIDE OF GLITTER)

If any of that sounds good, make yourself comfortable, and let’s do this.